Who We Are

We believe Christians should live a long, healthy, happy life through a balanced lifestyle of body, mind and spirit. Man is responsible for being a steward of his own health and it is one of the missions of Christian Health Fellowship to assist good stewards by providing vital information concerning natural health.

In addition, CHF wishes to unite its members in fellowship and in action concerning our beliefs in natural health. While there are many denominations and religions, they do not necessarily promote, practice or even define their beliefs and traditions regarding health. For example, if you claimed that for religious purposes you were a vegetarian, or total abstainer, or did not vaccinate, what religion would that be? Most religious organizations do not specify those particular beliefs (some vegetarians may be Baptists, but not all Baptists are vegetarians). Therefore, it is prudent to bring together all those with a common belief in God as well as their approach toward health issues for the purposes of strengthening our character, our position and our freedom.

Once you become a member of CHF, we would be pleased to send a letter on your behalf to any person or organization that questions your natural health beliefs, stating applicable laws if needed, and assisting in clearing up misunderstandings of your religious freedom. (See Sample Letter)

If you would like to be a part of an organization that strives for religious freedom and education regarding health issues and agree with the Statement of Faith, you are invited to become a part of our fellowship.

Read through our Mission Statement and additional information below. Should you have questions, please contact us via e-mail (click here) or telephone us at (574)268-2121. Our office is open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (ET) Monday through Friday. We are closed on national holidays.

Our Mission Statement

Christian Health Fellowship (CHF) is a fellowship of committed Christians dedicated to the restoration and maintenance of health through adherence to Scriptural principles. Such principles include but are not limited to: the stewardship of the body (God’s Temple), wholesome diet and proper exercise to build mental, physical and spiritual aspects of life.


CHF is directed by a Council who conducts the work and ministry of the organization as well as oversees the assets of the Fellowship. The Council members consider this a personal service and a form of ministry, thus they volunteer their services. The Council organizes itself, has a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.


Individuals who wish to join CHF may do so by affirming the Statement of Faith and committing themselves to the work of the fellowship’s ministry through prayer and education.


CHF is a not-for-profit religious and educational organization. In order to carry on the financial obligations of its work, it accepts membership contributions from individuals and families. A suggested contribution of $35.00 per family per year is the goal of the fellowship. This helps offset expenses such as research, newsletters, postage and service to the members.