Individuals and families can benefit by belonging to the CHF as there is always strength in numbers of like-minded believers. The CHF provides newsletters and support for the Christian families who wish to follow Scriptural principles in caring for themselves. The CHF seeks to support the freedom provided for Christians in the United States Constitution and seeks to protect its membership from undue involvement in their lives by the government in the areas of health and religion. The CHF seeks to inform its membership of the legal and legislative issues which from time to time threaten Christian health and lifestyle freedoms. In addition, at the request of the member, the CHF will contact those who question your religious grounds for your health choices and those of your family. Through education the CHF seeks to promote the Scriptural lifestyle which is pleasing to God and a blessing to our fellow man.

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Christian Health Fellowship is a not-for-profit religious and educational organization. In order to carry on the financial obligations of its work, CHF accepts membership contributions from individuals and families. A donation of $35 per family per year is the suggested contribution of the Fellowship.